In Finland, not far from Helsinki, an innovation cluster is being formed. The owner has already formed a pool of residents (widely across industries, from communications to biotech), selects members of the advisory board, key competencies - bringing high-tech products to international markets and expertise in Deep tech.
In addition to the advisory board, it will probably take another resident or two, but these should be breakthrough solutions at the world level.
If this is about you or your project, please send a presentation of yourself as a potential member of the advisory board (compressed CV with a focus on results in the areas mentioned) and / or project (with a focus on external markets).

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Dream job: Director of the Department of Financial and Economic Policy in the Administration of the Federal Territory of Sirius.
Sirius is the first federal territory in Russia with a special legal status and ambitious tasks to implement development plans and build a new type of public administration system. The executive body is headed by our doctoral graduate (DBA) Elena Shmeleva, and the board of trustees is headed by the President of the Russian Federation.

Implementation of the main directions of federal, regional, municipal financial, budgetary, tax policy;
Development of the draft budget, ensuring the execution of the budget;
Drawing up a report on the execution of the consolidated budget;
Maintaining a register of expenditure obligations;
Preparation of proposals for submission to improve the methods of financial and budget planning, interbudgetary relations, financing and reporting;
Control over the receipt of revenues to the budget;
Development of measures aimed at the formation and implementation of an active investment policy;
Development of draft normative legal acts of the administration;
Automation of financial resource management and budget accounting processes;
Budget planning and the procedure for budget financing, methodological guidance in this area;
Development and preparation of state programs of the federal territory;
Procurement control;
Other tasks in the financial and budgetary areas in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.


Higher economic education;
At least 6 years of work experience in the specialty;
Experience in a budgetary organization with a staff of more than 50 people (work in executive authorities will be an advantage);
Confident knowledge of AIS URM budget, legal systems, office programs
(Excel: formulas, VLOOKUP, pivot tables);
Ability to independently maintain a consolidated budget list, cash plan;
Knowledge of financial and budgetary legislation, 44-FZ, understanding of accounting.

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In 2022, the next stage of selection of candidates for election to the Boards of Directors and audit commissions of JSCs with state participation is planned. The list of AOs is on the attached image and on the plate in the comments. Applications submitted in the prescribed manner will be considered.

List of joint-stock companies planned for consideration at a meeting of the Commission for the selection to management and control bodies:
No. Name of joint-stock company
1 Joint Stock Company "Volgograd City Disinfection Station, Volgograd"
2 Joint Stock Company "General Directorate of International Book Exhibitions and Fairs"
3 Joint Stock Company "Disinfection Center"
4 Joint Stock Company "Krasnogorskoye"
5 Joint Stock Company "Meddisinfection"
6 Joint Stock Company "Novosibirsk Zonal Horticulture Station"
7 Joint stock company "Tribal stud farm "Kudinsky"
8 Joint Stock Company "Disinfection Profile Enterprise of the Chuvash Republic"
9 Joint Stock Company "Profdisinfection"
10 Joint stock company "Profdisinfection", Alexandrov, Vladimir region"
11 Joint Stock Company "Profdisinfection, Melenki, Vladimir Region"
12 Joint Stock Company "Prevention" in the Jewish Autonomous Region
13 Joint Stock Company "Prevention" Omsk"
14 Joint Stock Company "Prevention, Izhevsk"
15 Joint Stock Company "Prophylactic Disinfection"
16 Joint Stock Company "Preventive Disinfection, Gus-Khrustalny, Vladimir Region"
17 Joint Stock Company "Restaurator"
18 Joint Stock Company "Samara Disinfection Center, Samara"
19 Joint Stock Company "Disinfection Center in the Tver Region, Tver"
20 Joint Stock Company "Center for Disinfection of the City of Dolgoprudny, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region"
21 Joint Stock Company "Disinfection Center of the Istra District, Dedovsk, Moscow Region"
22 Joint Stock Company "Center for Disinfection of the Kolomna District, Kolomna, Moscow Region"
23 Joint-Stock Company "Center for Disinfection in Transport, Vladivostok, Primorsky Territory"
24 Joint Stock Company "Disinfection Center of the Naro-Fominsk District, Naro-Fominsk, Moscow Region"
25 Joint Stock Company "Center for Disinfection of the Serpukhov District, Serpukhov, Moscow Region"
26 Joint Stock Company "Disinfection Center of the Shatursky District, Shatura, Moscow Region"
27 Joint-Stock Company "Center for Disinfection of the Shchelkovsky District, Shchelkovo, Moscow Region"
28 Joint Stock Company "Circassian Department of Preventive Disinfection"
29 Joint-stock company "Enterprise of the penitentiary system "Kaluga"
30 Joint stock company "Enterprise of the penitentiary system" Production and industrial house "
31 Joint stock company "Enterprise of the penitentiary system "SHP Rostov"
32 Joint-stock company "Enterprise of the penitentiary system "Center for Information and Technical Support and Communications"
33 Joint stock company "Enterprise of the penitentiary system "Chernozemye"
34 Joint stock company "Enterprise of the penitentiary system "Main Industrial and Construction Department"

The Institute will help our candidates fill out applications for participation in the competition and advise on successful participation.

Send CV and cover letters to E-mail: