The purpose of the faculty is to train highly qualified specialists with an extensive base of humanitarian knowledge in the field of political science, philosophy, sociology, history, economics and the ability to effectively apply them in practice. Doctoral students receive a modern humanitarian education of the highest level, allowing them to build a career in the most responsible and high positions. Doctoral students of the faculty are given a unique opportunity to get an individual educational trajectory in several humanitarian areas at once by watching specialized video courses. This helps them to become not only professionals in their chosen specialty, but also versatile educated people. Faculty lecturers are leading international scientists and practitioners from various fields of culture. The Faculty of Humanities was established on July 10, 2022 (order of the Director of IRIAS No. 626) based on the decision of the Academic Council as part of the reform to consolidate the faculties and decentralize the management system of the Institute. The faculty includes the Department of Social and Humanitarian Disciplines, the Social Laboratory, the Department for the Recruitment of Doctoral Students for Educational Programs. The faculty prepares teachers and researchers in the fields of political science, sociology, philosophy, history and economics.

To achieve the set Goal, the Faculty solves the following tasks:
Research activities in the field of the humanities, as well as related disciplines: economics, management, law, information and other sciences;
International exchange of best practices in the humanities;
Provision of information and consulting services in the field of the humanities, including jointly with the International Center for Management and Investment Consulting IRIAS and external partner organizations;
Development, testing and implementation of new educational and expert-analytical methods;
Organization and implementation of registration, protection and commercialization of the results of research activities, taking into account the regulations and approaches available in IRIAS, international and Russian legislation;
Organization and implementation of educational programs, including international ones, on the basis of cooperation with educational institutions and organizations of the Russian Federation and other countries;
Development of standards, maintaining a register of certified specialists and an international personnel reserve;
Organization and holding of competitions, conferences, problem-thematic seminars;
Participation in the work of specialized conferences, forums, exhibitions, and other events;
Publication and distribution of educational and methodological literature, regulatory and technical documentation and other materials for students in accordance with the goals and activities of the Faculty as a whole and its Departments;
Formation of the library and electronic information bases of the Faculty as a whole and its Departments.

The Faculty is headed by the Dean. By Order No. 627 of July 10, 2022, Andrey Yuryevich Bykov, PhD Program Supervisor of Sociology, Culturology, Political Science, History, Economics, Professor of SACM Singapore, was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Management of IRIAS.

Faculty structure:
Bykov Andrey Yurievich
Dean of the Faculty
Professor of SACM, Dean of Faculty, Head of Department of SACM, Tutor of the PhD program "Sociology, Political Science, Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Economics" of the Singapore Academy of Corporate Management. Expert of a number of Russian and foreign scientific foundations, scientific and expert communities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Germany and Singapore. Doctor of Historical Sciences, St. Petersburg State University.
Mikov Vladimir Sergeevich
Deputy Dean of the Faculty
Tutor of the PhD program "Sociology, Political Science, Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Economics" at the Singapore Academy of Corporate Management. Strategy and top team building expert, Singapore. Forum moderator, business coach, speaker. Certified expert of the European Economic Committee in the field of innovation management in the organization. Executive director of the Vneshtorgclub.
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Political Science
Requirements for writing a PhD dissertation
Information program about the grant competition
Sociology, Culturology, Political Science, Philosophy, Economics
SACM PhD professor Andrey Bykov visiting tutor Vladimir Mikov

The program of the Doctor of Philosophy course covers the topics of sociology, social forecasting and management, cultural studies and political science, represents a set of relevant humanitarian knowledge on key issues in the life of modern society, revealing not only the experience of the past, but also offering a perspective look at the future. Modern people who use computers and mobile phones, spending most of their time in the virtual space, are associated with the axial categories of culture no less than people of the past. It is from the understanding of these historical meanings that today's solutions to most of the most pressing issues, from public to personal, follow. The learning process will use a unique step-by-step method of presenting the material prepared in the style of the best classical philosophical schools. The presentation of the material will resemble an exciting computer game, where the course will be organized from easier to more difficult levels, and philosophy and cultural studies will become your weapon to solve the most difficult external and internal tasks. The proposed educational concept is that philosophy and culture are not boring disciplines, but an exciting intellectual game for the development of free thinking, in which everyone can take part.

The course will reveal the meanings of the main philosophical categories of world cultures, such as good, evil, justice, religion, God, the Absolute, truth and their perception by people in different historical eras and societies. Particular attention will be paid to the historical periods of antiquity and the Middle Ages, as well as their influence on modern life. The course will provide an opportunity to understand and realize the main cultural codes, historical and religious patterns that have been and remain the axis of the spiritual life of human communities, and without which it is impossible to get an adequate picture of modern life on Earth. Studying the course will show the connection between the philosophical meanings of the past and the present, will allow doctoral students to trace the continuity of historical patterns and teach them to perceive the world without borders.

Presentation of the Doctor of Philosophy program "Sociology, Political Science, Culturology, Philosophy, Economics"


• Managers responsible for the organization and development of business areas, culture, public relations;
• Heads of departments for the development of strategies and communications;
• Owners and managers of small, medium and large businesses;
• Representatives of science, culture, education;
• Heads of departments for the development of intellectual products and product lines;
• Heads of public administration organizations;
• Heads of international and non-profit organizations.

Start of training: monthly from the 1st day of the month;
The duration of the program is 18 months.

Diploma of the Singapore Academy of Corporate Management PhD / Doctor of Philosophy;
Diploma of the British Business Academy Research & Teaching International PhD (provided under the program of mutual recognition of diplomas for a single educational content).

Full tuition fee £28,500;
The grant cost of training under the program of the European Economic Committee is 7500 pounds sterling.


Access to course materials in Russian in digital format through a personal account;
Consultations of a personal tutor during the entire period of study;
Access to the electronic library of the academy;
Access to qualifying exams;
Access to the video channel of the academy;
The possibility of publishing dissertation research in the journals of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation.

Recruitment department in the Russian Federation / Consultations, Registration for interviews with Tutors
Singapore Academy of Corporate Management
phone +7-903-151-99-51
e-mail: legal@singapore-academy.org

Raisa Alekseevna Donskaya
Partnership in the field of educational programs and corporate clients
Head of the Department of International Educational Programs
International Research Institute for Advanced Systems
Tel: +7-903-799-35-28
Email: education@irias.group

The department is the provision of information and consulting services in the field of philosophy, cultural studies, political science, sociology, economics and other sciences of the social and humanitarian direction. opportunities of the department. The department carries out information and consulting activities, develops, adopts and implements seminar programs, taking into account the needs of individuals / organizations, on the initiative of which information and consulting activities are carried out. The department chooses the most effective forms, methods, technologies of information and consulting activities, creates the necessary conditions for students to master the programs.

All companies have a basic ethical and legal responsibility; however, successful companies establish a strong belief in the need to maintain corporate citizenship by demonstrating a commitment to ethical behavior, creating a balance between the needs of shareholders and the needs of society, and the environment in the surrounding space. There are stages that companies go through during the corporate citizenship development process. Companies rise to higher levels of corporate citizenship based on their ability to support civil society action by deeply understanding the needs of society in order to incorporate citizenship into the core of their own company's culture and structure. Citizenship policy becomes more comprehensive at this stage. This happens through increased meetings and consultations with shareholders, through participation in forums and events that promote innovative corporate citizenship policies.