Executive DBA Programme Organization Management / Project Form

Issued documents
International diplomas: Executive DBA Chief Executive Officer
Issuing Organizations: Singapore academy of Corporate management, Singapore and
British Business Academy Research & Teaching International, UK
(as an educational franchise owner).
Qualification Certificate of the European Economic Committee, with an assessment of competencies and an extract from the register of European managers;
Certificate of Authorship of the International Research Institute of Management Problems, of the authorship of a unique research / project.

Training conditions and cost
Form of training: Distance, Project.
Duration of study on the program: 3 semesters / 9 calendar months.
Number of qualifying exams: 8.
Final work: Dissertation Executive Doctor of Business Administration.

Unique program, certified and accredited
The doctoral student is invited to solve practical problems on the material of a company actually existing in business. At the same time, the theoretical material of the program is designed in such a way as to immerse the doctoral student in the knowledge that is necessary to solve the most difficult cases and practical tasks. Taken together, consistently solving tasks in four sections in seven topics, the doctoral student receives high-quality practical experience and effective methodologies for their implementation in their practice. In the future, the material gained during the training will become the basis for the content of the final doctoral work, which the doctoral student draws up during the eighth month of training.
The doctoral student will have to develop options for solutions, how and in what way the management of competitiveness in his own company will be supported. Search for a market segment in which the company will be among the leaders in the competitive field. It is the result of this process that brings the greatest effect from commercial activities and gives material benefits and career prospects to the manager himself. Searching for a market segment, implementing the processes of creating a product and determining the time for a company to enter the external environment with a finished product is a tangible and real process, a lot of intellectual work, over a long period. Errors of the preparatory period will be immediately visible at the start. This exciting moment of getting a commercial effect and implementing a business idea is preceded by painstaking work. It is this kind of work, formalized in sequential assignments, that awaits the doctoral student in the course of the course. The development of a strategy for an organization or unit, with reference to a specific marketing strategy and business model, will end with the justification of three development options. Based on this vision of developing a promising market segment, the doctoral student will work out options for stimulating consumers of the company's products.

The target audience
Leaders responsible for organizing and developing business lines
Product development and product line managers
Owners and managers of small, medium and large businesses
Heads of departments and offices of regional ministries

Enrollment of doctoral students and terms of study
Beginning of training: monthly from the 1st day of the month.
Duration of study on the program is 9 months (3 semesters).

At the disposal of the doctoral student
Access to course materials in Russian and English in digital format through a personal account;
Remote consultations of a personal tutor throughout the entire period of study, assistance in organizing the process of writing a dissertation work;
Access to the electronic library of the academy;
Access to passing the qualifying exam (in electronic form);
Access to the closed sections of the academy's video channel on YouTube.

Tuition fees and registration of tuition
Total Tuition Fee £ 27,000
Grant Tuition Fees £ 6,000
(issued through MNIIPU or personally, through representatives of the academy).
For more information and assistance in filling out an application for a doctoral study in business - call the contact numbers indicated on the website.

1. Management of an international corporation taking into account the national interests of the registrar country * (* - Singapore, Russia, UK, USA, Brazil, India, China, South Africa, Australia)
2. Development and implementation of strategic projects within the EAEU, CIS, SCO, BRICS.
3. Implementation of CRM systems in sales management of the company.
4. Implementation of a corporate project management information system into the company's activities.
5. Implementation of international project management experience in the activities of Russian organizations and companies.
6. Implementation of a controlling system during project implementation.
7. Integration of the project management system into the corporate management system.
8. Integration of strategic and operational management in a project-oriented company.
9. Integration of strategic and project management in enterprises.
10. Optimization of business processes in a project-oriented company.
11. Organizational structure of project management.
12. Planning and implementation of public-private partnership projects.
13. Building project management business processes.
14. Project for the organization of a small enterprise.
15. Project for the development of a new business line of the company.
16. Development of project management regulations based on process modeling.
17. Management of investment activities during project implementation.
18. Management of material resources of the project (including the use of ERP-systems).
19. Project procurement and contract management.
20. Management of the implementation of the start-up project.
21. Management of financial resources of the project.